We went to JAPAN! TOKYO TRAVEL VLOG 🇯🇵🍜🍣🍥✨

Newest video release regarding Coronavirus. Watch this “We went to JAPAN! TOKYO TRAVEL VLOG 🇯🇵🍜🍣🍥✨” video below:

Places I went (I’ve listed them in order of the video, I couldn’t remember all of them since my friend found some of the food places but I will list as many as possible and update this ASAP):
3:36 – 7/11
1:07 – Takeshita Street in Harajuku (Get off at Harajuku Station to find this street)
1:15 – Purikura (a famous photo booth store in Harajuku)
1:41 – Santa Monica Crepes (Harajuku)
2:07 -…..(read more)

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