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Cruise Ship Tips

The average cruise vacation takes about four days. Most people have two to three weeks off from work, and many of them plan to spend their time relaxing on a cruise ship. When you book a cruise, you will receive an itinerary, which will tell you where your ship is going, how long it will take, and when you can expect to get back to port. You may also receive a brochure that gives you more information about the cruise, including things like what to expect at the various ports of call, and what activities are planned. However, there are some things that you should know before you go.

First, you should know that most cruise lines charge a “gratuity,” which is a small fee that they charge for each person who works on the ship. The amount varies from cruise line to cruise line, but the average is usually around fifteen percent. Some cruise lines require you to pay this in cash, while others let you pay it with your credit card. If you pay the fee in cash, you should keep it separate from the rest of your money, so that you don’t lose any of it.

Second, you should know that you do not have to tip the crew if you want to, but you should be aware that they might feel uncomfortable if you don’t. You should tip the crew anyway, even if you’re paying for everything. It’s considered good manners, and it helps the crew to make sure that they provide the best service possible.

Third, you should know that tipping is optional on most cruise ships. There are a few exceptions, but most cruise lines offer a choice between paying the gratuity, or paying extra for things such as room service, or special meals. If you choose to pay the gratuity, then you should know that it is customary to tip everyone who does something for you, even if you don’t particularly like the way that they did it. For example, if you order room service, you should tip the waiter, because he or she prepared the meal. If you choose to pay extra for room service, then you should tip only the waiter.

Fourth, you should know that there are some activities on cruise ships that require you to pay a fee. These include spa treatments, massages, and other types of massages. If you choose to pay for these activities, then you should tip the masseuse.

Fifth, you should know that you should tip the staff at the front desk when you arrive. This includes the cruise director, the cruise manager, and the other employees at the front desk.

Sixth, you should know that if you choose to use the spa, then you should tip the massage therapist. This is a good idea, because they have spent a lot of time preparing the massage, and they deserve to be paid for their time.