How Much Should You Tip Your Hotel Staff?

A good hotel tip can be anything from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. You should always tip your bellboy or maid if they have done an outstanding job for you. It’s not necessary to tip the concierge unless he has been especially helpful to you.

You should always tip the bellboy or maid who carries your luggage up to your room, even if you are only staying one night at the hotel. The bellboy will take your bags to your room and carry them up the stairs. The maid will open your door and carry your bags into the room. If you don’t tip these people, they may think that they aren’t appreciated.

If you have a problem with a hotel maid, you should tell her about it right away. Don’t let her wait until the next morning when she will already have forgotten about your complaint. Tell her how you feel immediately so that she can fix the problem right then and there.

Most hotels have a policy of giving a discount to senior citizens. If you are over the age of 65, you should ask the hotel manager if you are entitled to a discount. If you are, then you should tip the manager or housekeeper if they have gone out of their way to accommodate you.

Many people like to tip the bellhop or porter who takes their luggage to the car or bus. A tip of $1-$2 is appropriate. If you stay at a very expensive hotel, you might want to tip the bellhop more than this.

If you stay at a very expensive restaurant, you should tip the waiter or waitress. The amount you tip will depend upon the quality of service you received. If you didn’t get good service, you should tip more than if you did.

A good hotel tip is any amount between $1 and $200. If you stay at a nice hotel, you should tip the bellboy or maid more than if you stay at a cheap motel. The bellboy or maid should get at least $10 per day if they work hard for you.

If you stay in a hotel, you should tip the desk clerk. If the clerk has been especially helpful to you, you should give him a good tip. If the clerk is rude, you shouldn’t tip him.

A good hotel is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. If you are treated well by the staff, you should tip the bellboys and maids accordingly.