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Tipping on Cruise Ships

Tipping on Cruise Ships

The standard tip for cruises is 15% of the total bill. It is not mandatory to tip on a cruise, but many cruise lines have instituted a policy where passengers who receive free services will automatically be given a gratuity.

When tipping in general, it is a good idea to round up your tip rather than rounding down. For example, if you are paying $100 for a meal and your waiter brings you the check with a 10% gratuity, round up to 11% instead of 10%. This makes it easier for the waiter to handle the change and gives him or her more money for the service.

It is also common practice to leave an extra 5% tip at the end of the meal when dining in restaurants. The 5% is usually left on the table and is a reminder that there is still more money for the waiter. If you are dining at a buffet, this is not necessary.

If you are dining in a bar, it is customary to leave a small tip of $1 to $2. You can either place the tip on the bar or put it in a separate envelope. If you are buying drinks at a bar, it is customary for the bartender to give you a tip of $1 to $5. It is important to note that if you are buying drinks from a cashier, they are not included in the gratuity.

Most cruise lines now have a set amount for gratuities, so you should ask your cruise line about their policy before you book your cruise. Some cruise lines require that all guests pay a tip while others allow guests to pay a gratuity based on the level of service they receive.

Some cruise lines have a policy that no one is required to tip, while others require a tip regardless of whether or not a guest receives free services. The best way to avoid having to pay a gratuity is to simply pay for everything you eat and drink during your cruise. You will get better service this way and you won’t have to worry about giving a gratuity.